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6 Things The Groom Secretly Wants At Your Wedding

Bride-and-Groom-Wedding-Cake-TopperIt takes two people to get married—which means two people get to weigh in on their wants for the wedding! You may have had a secret Pinterest board dedicated to the big day since high school, but that doesn’t mean your groom’s opinion is only worth half a vote. Make sure he feels just as satisfied by recognizing these wedding day desires—and then delivering on them.

1. To have his voice heard—from the beginning
You’re in this together, and that means planning together. What that doesn’t mean: having perfectly equal input in every decision made. Take a look at a planning checklist (WeddingWire has one that is organized by month), and divvy up the tasks. Trust him to complete his to-dos with your best interests in mind, and you’ll have a happy groom who will feel proud of his prep work when the big day arrives.

2. Respect for his guests (including those rowdy college roommates)
Sure, some of your groom’s long-time friends might have a rambunctious reputation—and the last thing you need is for one of them to plow over Grandma

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How Much To Tip Wedding Vendors Who Worked Hard To Make Your Big Day Unforgettable

When you’re planning a wedding, figuring out how much to tip wedding vendors is one of those details that’s often left to the very end of the planning process and creeps up on couples when they are juggling dozens of other last-minute details. Many people forget about tipping wedding vendors until the final days and, well, even hours before the wedding. How do I know this? To be totally honest, that’s just what happened to me when I was my planning my wedding, and I now see it all the time with our DIY Wedding Mentor clients (clearly there’s no judgement coming from me on this one!). So in order to avoid the last-minute stressor of figuring out who to tip and how much, you want to start thinking about tipping vendors now before you have too much going on and are too frazzled to straighten it all out.

One of the things that makes tipping super confusing when it comes to working with wedding vendors is that much of the advice from most wedding sites say things like “tip your coat

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6 Hints To Make Your Bridesmaids Love You

wedding-and-bridesmaid-dressesYour bridesmaids — your best friends, sorority sisters, biological sisters and those who you couldn’t imagine your wedding day without. You might have even pictured your bridesmaids as part of the wedding long before you even knew the groom. These girls mean the world to you and they are thrilled to be an honored guest on your special day.

According to WeddingWire and ABC News, the average cost of being a bridesmaid ranges between $1,500 – $1,800 for the travel, dress, shoes, hair, makeup and gifts that are common expenses for almost all bridesmaids. To help your girls feel like it is money well spent, it’s imperative that you treat them well and show appreciation for their commitment to you.

These six hints will help keep your bridesmaids loving you throughout your engagement and wedding weekend.

1. Provide Clear Expectations and Information
The best advice for managing your bridesmaids is to be clear with them about your expectations right from the beginning. If you are planning a lot of DIY projects that you want help with every weekend, you need to tell them this before

5 Wedding Must-Haves

There are a million and one ways to put on a great wedding, the majority of which comes down to the choices made by the happy couple on the day.

As well as it being the greatest day of your life, you’ll want to do all you can to ensure that your friends and family have a brilliant time as well.

However, it can hard to create a beautiful wedding and, at the same time, ensure everyone has an enjoyable time. While there is no fool-proof way of getting your wedding day just right, we believe if you follow these 5 wedding must-haves, you’ll not go far wrong.

Light Up Lettering

Want to add a bit of glitz and glamour to your ceremony, speeches or reception? This wonderful selection of lights will certainly do the trick.

While the use of fairy lights or snazzy bulbs can give you some beautiful mood lighting, they can’t tell a tale or present a message.

Choosing to hire out some stunning light-up letters, numbers of symbols, such as the ones from Light It Up UK, mean you can create a stylish yet romantic backdrop

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10 Things To Consider Before Planning A Destination Wedding

While you may love the idea of getting married on the beach, on top of a mountain, or at an Italian villa, planning a destination wedding brings along some unexpected headaches. Here are the ten worst things about planning a destination wedding, plus some tips on how to solve them.

1. Wondering if your wedding is even going to be legal.

Marriage laws vary from country to country (and even different U.S. states) so do your homework! Find out who is an acceptable officiant (friends ordained on the Internet don’t always count), if there is a residency or blood test requirement, and what the marriage license process is. You may find that you need to have a small courthouse ceremony at home first and make your destination wedding mostly symbolic.

2. Booking a hair and makeup person from a distance.

We know you looked into the cost of flying your trusted hair stylist to Mexico. But since that likely won’t be possible, consult your stylist at home first — he or she may have a stylist friend at your destination — and read reviews for any vendors you have to book long-distance. Then schedule hair and makeup trials for the day after you

11 Things Wedding Planners Cannot Say To Your Face

Your planner is there to help you bring your dream wedding to life. That said, a wedding planner is not your personal assistant or your family therapist — even if some brides believe that’s part of the job description. Of course, planners can’t tell their clients they’re acting like a bridezilla, but they can tell us! Here, wedding planners reveal the things they don’t have the heart to say to your face. Take notes, ladies.

  • “We want you to make your own decisions. This is your wedding. Yes, flexible couples are the dream to any planner but indecisive clients can be a nightmare. It makes both of our roles so much more difficult when a client can’t make a single decision without us. The perfect combination is a nice collaboration of ideas.” — Celebrity Event Designer Brett Galley from Hollywood POP
  • “You are not a professional event planner so please stop acting like you know everything about weddings after reading two blog articles and surfing Pinterest.” — Event Planner Shimona Mayo, Author of Power Plays for Brides
  • “I cannot be your secret-bearer. If you want to lie to your family about wedding costs, do so on your own and leave me out